Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mummy... Look At Me!

Hallooooo... here i am... posing for the camera during cell group at Auntie C & Uncle Alvin's house on 7th Oct. 08. These pics were taken by uncle Joshua. Thanks.

guess, whose hand is that?

i'm staring at the camera

i love clapping my hand

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Latest Beryl

Hi all, I am 10 month ++ already. Here is my latest picture to share. Thanks to auntie eyong who give the new shirt to me..

At Church - Just wake up after took a nap during the sermon.

Me with auntie C. I will miss her a lot because she will leave me for good soon.. :-(

Am so happy with my new shirt..

This is the cutest smile I can give.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Here I come PD

I went to PD for Grace Family Camp. I had a lot of fun out there.. Check-out what I did...

With Aunty C before we leave to PD

On our way.. I enjoy the scenery and cannot stop peeping outside the window...

Reached PD. Am I look stylish?

On the way to our challet.. I better hold this coz the road is a lil bit bumpy..
With Kakak Magurl
With Uncle Henry and Kakak Grace
Fall asleep... It was tiring day..
The room is so cold. It makes me sleep tightly...

At PD beach with Aunt C again.. The carrier was given by Uncle Alvin & Aunt C and this is my first time using it.. Its so useful to help them to carry me until I can walk by myself..

With Mom..
With Aunt Debbie

I make my first footstep in the sands....

I had my shower at our challet... It's so refreshing after a long sunny day...

With Abang Arron..

I cannot stop holding this everytime I went in to the car... I told you already.. The road is a lil bit bumpy.. So what?..

It was a wonderful day. I hope I can come here again so I can play freely at seaside and "MANDI AIR LAUT"...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

What a great day..

06 Sept 08.. we went to Sunway Lagoon with our big family of Grace Church. What a wonderful world.. I am so happy to see new world with beautiful scenery, wonderful sounds of water fall, crowded with many childrens running here and there, screaming, laughing, swimming, jumping etc.. It was raining but nobody cares.. They enjoy playing with water in the midst of rainy day..

I wish I can join them.. Unfortunately, I cannot walk by my own yet.. Next year I will come back and enjoy playing with water.. I cannot wait lah.. :-(

Please view my pictures and you will see how beautiful is the place..

Just reach and cannot wait to take a snapshot with my Mom and Dad.

With my friend.. Yohanie

With my dad..

Mom, I want to run..

Kakak Magel

Water Fall background

My Mom force me to laugh..

On our way back to home

What a wonderful day.. I really enjoy my day and now I want to go back to my house and have a nap... I couldn't sleep at at the water park because I'm so busy looking around.. Everything caught my eyes to see.. So,no time to sleep lah.. :-)

I wish my friend, Jared was there.. I hope I can come here next year with him..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Latest Update from Kakak Esther and Sarah

Letter from my Mom's dearest friend Sis Kemi & Family.

Kemi sangat gembira dapat surat dari kamu!
Ya saya masih ingat BM. Tapi sekarang bahasa espanol mahu masuk
juga :) ramai orang disini bercakap bahasa espanol! saya boleh
faham bahasa itu tapi sangat susah bercakap. :)
Beryl sangat cute!!!! :)
Adik kamu masih jaga dia?
Esther dan Sarah bagus. Esther sangat seronok bermain dengan ramai
kawan disini. Sarah sangat aktiv! Dia bermula jalan kaki bulan 9!
jadi sekarang dia dah yakin jalan kaki. tapi masih kecil hanya 11
Rick sedang kerja banyak sekali! sangat mahal tinggal di America!
wow itu menarik...kamu mahu jadi teacher. saya fikir kamu akan jadi
cikgu yang baik! nak ajar apa?

ok love to all!
we'll be praying!


here's a few pictures, but i also have albums at

Friday, August 8, 2008

My latest update..

Dear readers,
Another 2 days, I will be 7 months old already.. I am so happy to share that I am growing bigger, stronger, healthy, happy and the most important... now I want to share my latest update.

Thanks GOD for taking very good care of me, thanks to my kakak Magurl who taking very good care of me as well.. And of course my Mom and Dad who always love me..

Candle light dinner?? one day I will have it.. Can you all see that I'm sitting by myself?

Eating KFC??

Look at me..I can sit on my own now.. :-)

Am happy..


Try to smile as sweet as possible..


Saturday, July 26, 2008

I love this moment.. :-)

Some pic to share.. Just for your viewing.
Hi.. My mom likes my wet look.. wet ke?
My neighbour.. Best Friend to be. His name is Amin. One month younger than me but he is so big...
Auntie Debbie. Best friend of my mom..

Here is my "uncle" Jim. Best dia dukung.. That's why I am laughing...

When I feel like wanna bite something.. This is the best I can bite besides my finger..