Sunday, May 11, 2008

Am 4 months old

Would like to share my photos. I'm 4 mths old now...

Feel so fresh after I had my shower...

Mom like to snaps me when I smile...

Borrow my Dad's hat..

Wonder why Mom like to snaps me.. l0l

Fall asleep while waiting for mom, dad and auntie getting ready to church...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A moment to remember.. :-)

Another new auntie comes from my Mummy's kampung. She is my uncle's (Owen) girlfriend.. Am happy to know her..

Auntie Jane

Mummy.. On the way to home from Church.. :-)

Auntie Magel..

Thanks to grandma... :)

I want to say Thanks to my grandma who took care of me since I was 12 days until 31/2 months old. She want to go back to Sarawak now. Here are our photos before she leave.. Will miss her..

My grandma, Mummy and my Fwend.. JARED ABRAHAM..

Grandma & Auntie Magel.. She's taking care of me too.. Thanks auntie Magel.

Grandma and Daddy... ;-)