Saturday, September 6, 2008

What a great day..

06 Sept 08.. we went to Sunway Lagoon with our big family of Grace Church. What a wonderful world.. I am so happy to see new world with beautiful scenery, wonderful sounds of water fall, crowded with many childrens running here and there, screaming, laughing, swimming, jumping etc.. It was raining but nobody cares.. They enjoy playing with water in the midst of rainy day..

I wish I can join them.. Unfortunately, I cannot walk by my own yet.. Next year I will come back and enjoy playing with water.. I cannot wait lah.. :-(

Please view my pictures and you will see how beautiful is the place..

Just reach and cannot wait to take a snapshot with my Mom and Dad.

With my friend.. Yohanie

With my dad..

Mom, I want to run..

Kakak Magel

Water Fall background

My Mom force me to laugh..

On our way back to home

What a wonderful day.. I really enjoy my day and now I want to go back to my house and have a nap... I couldn't sleep at at the water park because I'm so busy looking around.. Everything caught my eyes to see.. So,no time to sleep lah.. :-)

I wish my friend, Jared was there.. I hope I can come here next year with him..