Friday, February 29, 2008

Blessed Hillel Beryl

10th Jan 2008, 11.49pm.. Our darling son Hillel Beryl was born. It's an amazing experience and unexpressable feeling...

I Thank my LORD Jesus for his love and grace towards me & my hubby. Hillel Beryl is truly our praise & Dazzling Jewel. That's what his name's mean. Hillel means Praise. I remember the moment when we had "Mitra Doa Wanita" @ sis Kemi's house. Pst Cathy prayed for me and she had the vision where my baby was praising the LORD. That's why we choose this name. Beryl means Dazzling Jewel. It's simply because he is our dazzling Jewel.. :-)

He is so blessed and showered with so many gifts from our dearest friends. GOD has prepared everything for him. Some of my friends asked if we need anything else because they want to buy it.. I remember Pst.Victor sms me once "..Tuhan akan mencukupkan keperluan baby..09 Aug 2007" It's very true that's God is fulfilling his needs..

Below are the presents list as far as I remember them :-
Tracy & Alvin - Baby Shirt, Carrier & Best Wishes Card, Andy & Illa - Beg, Sis Kemi - Shirts, Pampers & many more, Nelson & Ivy - Mixed Baby's kit, Rasit & Sue - Hamper, Jeli & Rabiah - Hamper & Herbal for Jaundice, Abot - Hamper, Lalok & Family - Shirt, My Neighbour - Shirts & Powder, Pst Perry & Anne - Visit & Prayer, Pst Joe & Family - Visit & Prayer, Jerry's Collagues - Stroller, Jerry's Boss - Bath Towel, My colleague - Rocker Chair & Walker, Emma - Shirt, John & Joy - Ang Pou.. and many more. Sorry if I didn't mention your name and gifts.

Our high appreciation for those who had bless us with prayer and things. May GOD bless you all and HE will fulfills your need too. HE is Jehovah Jireh..The GOD of more than enough.. Amen.

Beryl's Very First Card From Aunty Tracy & Uncle Alvin.

GOD Bless you all. We pray that GOD's love will be poured out unto your life. Our hapiness is nothing without you guys. Thanks for sharing the happiness with us.. Thanks a zillion..

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