Saturday, April 19, 2008

Oh Happy Happy Day

It's Sunday again. Am so happy surrounded by those who loves me.. :-)

Auntie Emma

Uncle Eric
Kakak Jill

With my Mummy in front of Auntie Emma's new Gen 2
Auntie Abot, Uncle Ato, Auntie Rina, Auntie Emma, Sist Sarah Joy and Mummy

Auntie Magel & Sist Esther

Kakak Tatum, Pam & Ivy

Kakak Abigail

"A Tales for Children" followed "A Tales for Adults"

A gift from My Mum's Boss, Mr Thomas Jorgensen @ MD of dz card

Thanks all for loving me.. Jesus bless all of you.. Am so happy having all of you as my uncle, auntie, kakak and abang... :-)

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