Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My First Visit

Hi! This was during my first visit to Auntie C & Uncle Alvin's house. ..Errmm..i like to go there becoz they like to friend me n i like to friend them also...he he... Their house just a few steps from mine. :) When i grow BIG i can walk by myself...so my mummy no need to follow me again like that day. hehehe.... see lah my pix.
i pura2 tidur...actually i was not :)

i like being pampered by auntie c

i hold auntie c finger..
see my fingers..they are very cute

this is my 'book 5' hehehe...

i always keep my fingernails clean & manicured

1 comment:

Hillel Beryl said...

Thanks for the contribution Auntie C.. Yes I really likes to go to auntie C house.. I like to friend auntie and uncle because both of you are so kind.. God Bless you :-)