Saturday, March 15, 2008

Beryl Counting On Blessing

Beryl is two months and 2 days now. Praise and glory to God. Beryl is still receiving gifts. GOD is truly the God of more than enough. Thanks DAD for YOUR never ending blessing.

Another gift received from Production Department today, 12 March 2007. Special thanks to Alvinderjit who responsible to buy all those gift including the baby walker and rocker chair. Thanks a lot friend. GOD bless you and your son too...

This gift received from Administration Department. Thanks to all my colleagues for their kindness. (Muni, Rata, Aoi, Rachel, Vall, Razali, Sue, Emma, Ivy, Fiza, Mazlina, Rosli, Azmi, Latif, Wawa, Jothi & Nina) Special thanks for Rata, Muni and Wawa who had bought this. Your guys are really my truly friends....
GOD Bless you all. Thanks a zillion friends... :-)

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