Saturday, March 8, 2008

Your Son And Mine

Daddy's Little Buddy.
The miracle before my eyes.
A reminder of God's presence, Every time I see him smile.
His laughter is a joy to my Heart.
His forgiveness makes mine pale when compared.
He makes me laugh with a sense of humor, That he is always willing to share.
The little things that excite him, Make me remember the kid I used to be.
It reminds me to enjoy every moment more, Instead of letting the world get to me.
Above all I only have to look at him, His daddy's pride and joy, To remember to thank my Heavenly Father above, For my special little boy.
I understand now how much God loves us, Every time I hold him tight.
God gave up the Son He loved so much, To give us eternal life.
Thank You God For your Son and mine.

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