Friday, March 28, 2008

Welcome to the Club, Bro!

Surprise mum, dad! Did i say i've got a new fwen? Ho ho ho...

Nah, see.. here are our photos. We are handsome, aren't we? Prince(s) charming you must say. Cute? Definitely a biggggg "YES".

Let me introduce. His name is Jared Abraham Robert. Was born in March, 11 2008. Oh yeah.. he's gonna be our future "drummer" (however, i haven't ask the daddy yet). And now still waiting for the next "lead guitarist" to come before we can jam and Rock for Jesus together. Can I hear any Amen?

Let's join arms and give thanks to the Lord for sending Jared here. Welcome to the club, bro!

Jared with his mum and dad, Mawi Pastor Perry & Ibu Anne. Congratulations!

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Hillel Beryl said...

Jared..You are so cute.. Welcome to the club.. Thanks to Uncle Andy who create this post.. Simply great..