Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Created by my dear friend - Tres



to our friend Bro Jerry & Sis Alip for their newborn baby boy! His name is Hillel Beryl. He was born at Putrajaya Hospital on 10th January 2008 at 11.54pm (if i'm not mistaken) hehehe...sori Ibu kalau silap.

He is so cute! :) Here's few pic of him. We wish that we could have a cute n adorable baby like your baby too, Ibu Alip :)

God bless your family abundantly!

Hi guys! I'm Hillel Beryl. I am 2 day old :)

we share the happiness with their family

i'm so happy for them too looking at the camera

Baby is 14 day old
(Taken on 23 Jan 2008)

shhhhh...please don't disturb me. i'm having my good time now.

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