Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Beryl on Sunday

Today is 2nd March 2008, Sunday. Here is how Beryl's life on Sunday.

Just woke up in the morning with his smiling face..

This is Beryl's sexy look before go to Church. The shirt given by auntie Emma.
With Auntie Magel before leave to church

On d way to church.

Sleep all the way from home to church.

Beryl@ Church surrounded by those who love him.

Beryl with Auntie C..

With Auntie Emma

Another gift received today from kakak Janelle..

Gift from Auntie Rina.

Beryl listening to the sermon by Pdt Kurnia Ginat.

Reach home after the Sunday Service. He looks happy..

Beryl ready to sleep after 1/2 tiring day @ church.


marco said...

You guys have a wonderful son. Sejuk hati tengok senyuman tu. Haha!

~amazingtres~ said...

sejuk ka sujuk cep? :)

Hillel Beryl said...

Thanks Cip..memang sejuk@sujuk hati setiap kali tengok dia.. hehehe